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The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Support Services is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all Sheriff's Office vehicles and vehicle equipment.  The Sheriff's Office Patrol vehicles have video camera systems, radios and computer systems that have to be maintained for proper operation.  We are currently transitioning to newer technology in Digital Video Systems.  We strive to stay on top of cutting edge technology.  It is also our responsibility to issue equipment to our officers and track inventory of equipment.

The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office has specialized equipment that has to be kept in mission ready condition.  This includes a Command Center truck equipped with interoperable communications and network technology to stay in contact with our county network. We have a Kubota RTV which was secured through a grant from the Department of Homeland Security that can be utilized in the event of a disaster or for searching of lost citizens.  It is accompanied by 2 Honda 4 wheelers.  These ATV's are regularly used at such times as search and rescue, Shrimp Festival and Baldwin County Fair.  We have a High Water truck purchased from military surplus for the use in high water rescue.  This equipment is available 24 hours a day if needed.

The Law Enforcement Support Services division consists of one commissioned Lieutenant, one Automobile Mechanic, two Electronic Technicians and one property clerk. 



(251) 937-0202 or (251) 972-6802

(251) 580-2516

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