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                              History of Baldwin County Sheriff's

1809   Benjamin Baldwin

1815    Joseph Carson

1817    James P. Bates

1821    Edmund Freeman

1821    Lee Slaughter

1823    James Conway

1828    Joseph Hall

1834    William Wilkins
1840    John D'Olive Jr. or Louis D'Olive Sr. (unconfirmed of which)

1843    William Wilkins

1846    John W. Bates

1847    Henry S. Harris

1849    Joseph Hall

1850    Charles Hall III

1853    Thaddius C. Barlow

1859    Gerald B. Hall

1862    Robert Z. Barlow

1865    Gerald B. Hall

1867    Robert Z. Barlow
1868    Gearld Hall

1869    Charles Stapleton
1872    David A. Moniac

1874    A.C. Chandler

1875    David A. Moniac

1878    W.H. McDavid

1880    Grisby T. Long

1886    Charles Hall III

1896    William J. White

1900    Thomas A Booth

1903    George B. Bryant

1903     JM Armstrong
1906    JM Franklin

1907    Thomas A. Booth

1911    O.B. Richerson

1915    C.E. Eubanks

1919    O.B. Richerson

1923    W. Ramsey Stuart

1927    Joe Hadley

1927    Carthus Irwin

1931    W. Ramsey Stuart

1935    M.H. Wilkins

1939    W. Ramsey Stuart

1944    Clarence E. Garrett

1947    Taylor Wilkins

1975    Thomas A. "Buck" Benton

1986    James B. Johnson

2007    Huey "Hoss" A. Mack, Jr.

Take a look at some details about a few of the above listed Sheriff's.

If anyone has information on any of the above listed Sheriff's or Sheriff's not on the list, please pass it along to us @ 251-937-0210 or .
***There may be discrepancies of the dates and names. We are continuously updating this information as we research***

(Special thanks to the McMillan Family, Wilkins Family, and Ms Shirley Matthews of Bay Minette for their documentation, notes, photos, etc...)


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