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Uniform Services Command/Patrol Division

The Uniform Services Command of the Baldwin County Sheriff' Office currently consists of 50 deputy sheriff' positions.  The majority of these positions are assigned to Patrol where deputies provide law enforcement services throughout the county.  Deputies are deployed to one of four 12 hour rotating shifts, and rotate assignments within 8 zoned areas totaling 2,027 square miles.  Each squad is supervised by a sergeant and two corporals.  Their primary mission is to answer calls for service from citizens and protect the public from criminal activity through pro-active patrol operations.  They are also responsible for service of criminal process such as arrest warrants and subpoenas, which are generated by the Baldwin County Court System.

The Special Operations Unit is comprised of three deputies and all are canine handlers.  The dogs are dual purpose and the team is responsible for a wide range of duties.  Some of which include highway interdiction, parade escorts, enhanced traffic enforcement, educational programs and demonstrations for local schools and community events.  At times they also respond to surrounding agencies that request the use of a canine.  The Special Operations Unit is supervised by a corporal and they have to be very flexible with their work schedule.


The Emergency Response Team (Tactical Unit) is comprised of personnel from various areas within the Sheriff's  Office.  The team responds to calls of hostage situations, barricaded suspects or any unusual situation which requires the use of specialized training/tactics and equipment.  The team is also utilized in the service of arrest or search warrants considered to be high risk in nature.


Additionally, Crisis / Hostage Negotiators are assigned to the team.  These members receive extensive training that equips them to respond to any situation where their services are needed.


Generally, most encounters between the public and the Baldwin County Sheriffss Office involve deputies assigned to Uniform Services Command.  We stand ready to both protect our communities and to serve our citizens. 


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Uniform Services Command 



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